Legal Services

The UK is a great place when it comes to making investments. It is also one of the most suitable locations in the world for working. Living, and educating your children.

MVCG has a team of highly skilled professionals who have an international perspective. MVCG is not an SRA-regulated legal entity in the UK. This is why it cannot divulge litigation services, however, with the help of its partner law firms, MVCG can manage the entire immigration process right from the initial inquiry by the client, through making an actual investment in the UK, to obtaining a permit to remain in the country for an indefinite leave to remain.

Some of our partners are regulated, solicitors. They head MVCG legal services in the UK. Moreover, MVCG also has partnership agreements with legal group in Iran, in addition to owning a legal entity within Iran, with qualified lawyers that offer their services to our customers.