Business Development

MVCG works more like an extension of your team. For each one of our clients, we seek to understand the unique mechanics of their businesses and project their brand values. We focus on the aspect of your business that makes you different from the rest.

MVCG offers its services to all firms that are seeking to expand their presence in Iran along with other merchandise in the Middle East.

We have settled relationships with verdict makers in these countries allowing us to initiate an integrated program for contact. Our cutting edge CRM helps in managing your communication easy and very persuasive.

To carry out businesses of any form, one of the most crucial traits to establish collaboration with another person or company is to create a sense of reliability amongst yourselves. For those looking to initiate businesses in Iran, it is important to have ample knowledge about the various practices and regulations in Iran. What is even more crucial is to have a sense of how business is conducted within Iran. Once you learn about the values that are held sacred as far as businesses in Iran are concerned, you will find it increasingly easy to deal with Iranian entrepreneurs, in addition to having a reliable business relationship, with minimal risks to your invested capital.

To establish this kind of corporate presence, we provide services that aid in the ease of communication, on a client-to-client basis, as well as on a greater level. We do this by taking your business profile and carefully analysing it, and then we use that information to search for a range of clientele to pair you up with the particular kind of business or corporation that is best suited for your firm needs.

Similarly, when one looks to establish the business in the UK or wishes to collaborate with a company based in the UK, the most helpful thing you can do for your business is to understand the core values and reasons that every British company relies on. Businesses based in the UK are currently amongst the top entrepreneurship in the world. This can be attributed to the high quality of UK products and the reliability and efficiency of services provided by UK firms. Although UK products may seem to be highly priced, it is the quality that is valued. This value that is instilled in the business culture within the UK is what has resulted in these companies to have a strong business presence, and therefore anyone looking to collaborate with an entity associated with the UK should also respect these cultural values, and our services ensure that good business takes place. The group of solicitors in the UK that we have established partnerships with serve to guarantee smooth-running businesses by handling all the legal requirements and ensuring the safety of all parties involved.